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Fascinations Bass Fiddle Metal Model Kit

The Fascinations Bass Fiddle Kit may be too small to "slap that bass", but the fine detailing of the headstock and bridge show case the intricate detailing that laser etching can achieve. 4 3/4" tall, 1 1/2" wide and 7/8" deep.

Iwako Gorilla Japanese Erasers

The Black and Pink Gorilla Japanese Erasers are part of the on going series of animal Japanese Erasers from Iwako, Japan. The erasers will be available fall of 2014.

Albert Einstein Reminds Us To Use Our Heads

Solar powered Albert Einstein figure will ponder the mysteries of the universe using only normal interior lighting. He stands 7.25 inches tall and will be available this fall.

Psychedelic Japanese Eraser Cows Will Not Cause Dizziness

Fascinations 1965 Mustang Metal Model KIt

Multiple views of the Fascinations 1965 Mustang Metal Model Kit. The 1965 Ford Mustang placed an Italian inspired GT body design on a typical American car chassis of the time. The long hood and short trunk styling of the Mustang has become classic in American car design. The basic 1965 Mustang came equipped with only a 3 speed manual transmission, no power steering and brakes and heater. No seat belts or back up lights were included.

Assembling the kit is of moderate difficulty and should take about 2 or so hours to complete.

More Faces Of Disney Funko Mystery Minis Series Two

For Those Of You That Have A Short Attention Span, The Brief Version Of How To Assemble The Foot Pods On The Fascinations AT-AT Metal Model Kit

The Many Faces Of Funko Disney Mystery Minis Series One

A quick look at the Funko Mystery Minis section of shows that we kinda of take the mystery out of the minis by opening up the blind boxes and make available the figures within those identical boxes. It is so much more fun to get what you want rather than getting three identical Mickey Mouse's. In the brick and mortar store, we have hundreds of the Funko mini figures lined up on shelves for customers to gaze upon, not looking all that different than the image above.

Four Laser Cut Dinosaur Model Kits

Manufactured in Japan, these laser cut dinosaur models are made of structurally stiff recycled black paperboard. The kits assemble easily by inserting slot into slot and take about half hour to assemble and require no glue. The 64 piece tyrannosaurus, the 71 piece aquatic futabasaurus and 88 piece triceratops are all about 8" long. The 17 pteranodon has a wingspan of 11". Each kit comes with an easy to follow assembly diagram and a first timer will have little problem putting these dinosaur models together.

This Video Is Really Boring. Unless You Are Into Walking Dead Funko Mystery Figures.

Like Kid Robot, like Sonny Angel, the Funko Mystery Figures come blind boxed. Figures in blind boxes come in identical packages. Not knowing what figure that is about to be reveled as you open the sealed box adds a measure of excitement, until you realize you just spent for a figure you did not want. So you can keep buying until you secure the mystery figure you wanted or just give up in disgust.

We have never been fans of this lottery and we always offer the figures open stock and out of the blind boxes. Need an Angry Michonne Funko Mystery Figure Series Two, we have her available along with two other variations.

So for those of you who are fans of the Walking Dead Funko Mystery Figures we did a 360 degree spin around video of 15 of the figures of Series Two. If you are not a fan, well, the video will be kind of boring.

Zombie Erasers Will Put The Bite On Mistakes

Any of the biters from the set of five Zombie Erasers should allow you to easily make sure your mistakes never come back from the dead. Being erasers with an insatiable appetite for errors you have a choice how you will eliminate the unwanted on your page. The set includes a dragger, a zombie chief in possession of a brain, though not his own and an even rarer zombie dog.

You Too Can Have Tea With The Queen of England

Now you too can have tea with the Queen of England. She hinges open so you can fill her with your favorite loose tea. Her arms are adjustable so she hangs on the rim of the tea cup to brew that perfect cuppa. Comes with a drip tray. Stainless steel.

Find Your Inner Aloha For Ony $3.99

Here at the brick and mortar Sausalito Ferry Co, we delight in selling pretty neat stuff that does not cost much. As downtown Sausalito is tourist destination, we are surrounded by pricey art galleries that are often found in such places. As a customer once said, the difference between the art galleries and Sausalito Ferry is that we do not charge enough for our goodies to have to call them art. There is not a lot of elbow in hand, hand on cheek thoughtful pondering going on in our store. People stop, look, smile, even laugh, pick up the toy, look at the price and often decide to get it.

The Solar Hula Girl Dancers are among are most popular things we sell. Instead of two colors, now we have them in five colors. Green, yellow, pink, purple and red. And they come with double sided sticky tape so you and attach her to the dash of your car. At $3.99 each, which is not enough to get your through the toll plaza at the Golden Gate Bridge, how could they not make anyone smile.

How To Assemble The Foot Pods On The Fascinations Star Wars AT-AT Walker Metal Model Kit

The assembly of the foot pods of the AT-AT Walker Metal Model Kit uses most of the skills and tools need to put together any of the 90+ kits made by Fascinations. In the video we cover these and other tips on how to make these models.

  • After the tab has been inserted into the corresponding slot, twist the tab to lock down the parts.
  • Flatten the tabs, so protruding tabs will not interfere with component assemblies coming together tightly upon finishing the kit.

Have An Audience With The Solar Powered Waving Pope

You can have an audience with Kikkerland solar powered Waving Pope without traveling to the Vatican. Needing no batteries, normal interior lighting is sufficient to power the Pope's joyous waving via a solar cell in the base of the figure. He stands 7 inches tall.

1008 Japanese Erasers

Sonny Angel 2014 New Years Card Figure

Those of us who retail Sonny Angels receive from from Dreams Japan, the maker of the figures, a thank you gift for selling them. The Sonny Angel 2014 New Year's Card Figure arrived in the mail sometime around New Year's, packaged somewhat precariously in a clear blister pack open for the world to see. Fortunately for us, the package never passed through the hands of any postal workers who are Sonny Angel collectors. As you can see, the card the New Year's Sonny Angel is packaged in is somewhat worse for it's trip.

The Japanese script on the lower half of the package reads as follows;

"We Thank You For Your Exceptional Patronage Last Year.

Thanks To You, Sonny Angel Welcomes It's 10th Anniversary.

Now We Humbly Request To Be Given Even More Of Your Patronage.

Year 26 Of The Heisei Period.

New Year's Day".

And thanks for all of the customers who have bought Sonny Angels from as well.

Best Star Wars Models Ever. Period

 Good Star Wars models have always been hard to find, and if you do they tend to be expensive. Now that void of having the perfect Star Wars Model can be satiated. From Fascinations Metal Earth comes four stainless steel metal Star Wars kits, the much beloved droid R2D2, All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT), Darth Vader's Tie Fighter and of course, The Millennium Falcon.  Each of the completed models will have dimensions of about 3 inches by 2.5 inches.

The models come as two laser etched and cut stainless steel sheets. Parts snip from the sheets and attach to adjacent parts by inserting tiny tabs into corresponding tiny slots. In our building experience of some 70+ kits, the Star Wars metal model kits will take at least three hours to assemble. You should have tweezers or fine needle nose pliers to bend parts. Nippers are useful to remove the parts from the parts sheet. Trying to use your fingers for parts removal will probably end badly.

R2D2 and Darth Vader's Tie Fighter have sections that involve the most challenging assembly. Flat pieces need to be bent into a tulip petal shape and fitted together precisely to create the barrel of the body and dome of R2D2 or the forward viewing cupola of the Tie Fighter.

After snipping a part from the parts sheet, often a small stub of the connector will remain attached.  So that parts fit well together, using the the nippers, remove any of the remaining connector.

After joining two parts, twist the tiny tabs with the needle nose pliers or tweezers to lock down the parts together. Just folding the tabs over the slots will result in loose fitting parts and an unsatisfactory completed model.

Paperboard Model Kits From Korea

We have sold paper model kits in the past and never have really been happy with them. The paper was too thin, you had to cut out the pieces and then try to glue them together. They were the sort of projects that made you wish you had three hands.

The Papero Model Kits are designed and made in Korea. Just like the Fascinations Metal Model Kits, the parts of the kit are precisely laser cut and fit exactly together. Pieces of the model are easily removed from the matrix sheet.  Made of recycled paperboard with soy inks, the completed models have heft and structure that allow parts to rotate or to move up and down. The schematic instructions are clear and easy to understand. Time for assembly is about 2 hours give or take. Completed models are about 7 inches long.

Skipping Bombs and the Trench Run

We carry some 70+ different types of Fascinations Metal Model Kits. Some of these laser etched and cut metal model kits are familiar,The Golden Gate Bridge, to the not so familiar,The Sundial Bridge. Unless your are a military aircraft fanatic, the Avro Lancaster Bomber Metal Kit is another not so well know airplane. The Lancaster Bomber was the primary heavy bomber for the Royal Air Force during WW ll and perhaps completed one of the most unusual bombing missions of the war.

                 Skipping Bombs                                          Trench Run

                                  The dams that the British Air Force had targeted in the Ruhr Valley in Germany were impossible to destroy by dropping bombs directly from above. The RAF discovered they could skip a large round bomb across the lake to explode at the face of the dam. The principle is no different than skipping a stone across a pond. The raids were successful.

  In the original Star Wars movie, the Trench Run, where the rebel pilots attack the Death Star, is a direct homage to the dam attack scenes in the movie Dam Busters, which told the story of those raids on the Ruhr Valley dams. In both movies the attackers one by one try to hit their targets, flying through enemy fire, to release their bombs/proton torpedoes at at the exact moment. Just like some of the bombardiers aboard the Lancasters, Luke Skywalker depended on his own special senses to see the mission to completion. Even some of the dialog during the bombing run is the same in both movies.

    Avro Lancaster Bomber Metal Model Kit              Millennium Falcon Metal Model Kit


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