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Solar Powered Jellyfish By Blub Co.

Just like their real counterparts, Blub Company's solar powered Jellyfish bobble head toys, have no guts, no teeth and no gills and rely on the sun to make it through the day. Very low maintenance, they need no feeding, water changes, or messy disposal when expired. They are happy to wobble all day long using just on normal interior lighting and need no batteries either. 3 1/2" tall, 2 1/4" deep and 2" wide. Made by Blub Co, Japan.

Tim Und Struppi Exhibition 2001 Poster

Tim und Struppi Exhibition Poster for the Wilhelm-Busch Musuem in Hanover, Germany 2001. The exhibition showed the evolution of Herge as an artist that focused on an early work, "Les Aventures de Tintin en Extrême-Orinet" (1934) and contrasted with "Tim au Tibet" (1958-59). "Tintin in Tibet" is considered is best book. Also included in the show were the travel magazines and interior design catalogs that influenced the look and feel of his books. Poster is 22 1/2" tall and 16 1/2" wide

Au Tibet avec Tintin Exhibition Posters

In support of the Tibetan people and culture against the Chinese occupation, the Herge Foundation created an exhibition that combined Herge's art and drawings from "Tintin in Tibet" with art and artifacts from Tibet. Unlike earlier works, "Tintin in Tibet" moves away from the simple stereotypical ethnic characterizations to a nuanced and respectful depiction of Tibetans. Herge gives characters an emotional depth not seen any previous works and "Tintin in Tibet" is considered his finest work.

The left "Au Tibet avec Tintin" poster is for the Musees Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire Brussels exhibit during the summer of 1994.

The show then moved to the exhibition space at Foundation de l'Arche Fraternite Toit de la Grande Arche in Paris during the winter of 1994/95.

Walking Dead Series Three Funko Mystery Minis

The Funko Mystery Mini Figs all come blind boxed. Blind boxing is a form of lottery tickets for toys. All the boxes are identical on the outside, and you do not know what is in the inside until you open it. Getting three of the same figures is frustrating. At Sausalito Ferry Co, we open up the blind boxes and make available the Funko Mystery Minis for customers to choose the character of choice.

Below is the entire collection of Series Three Walking Dead Funko Mystery Minis. The rarest figures are the Glow in the Dark Impaled Walker and Bloody Tyreese with package ratios of 1/36 and Bloody Glenn and Headless Hershel at 1/72. All the others have ratios of 1/12 and 1/24.

From the left; Hershel, Brain Exposed Walker, Glow in the Dark Impaled Walker, Impaled Walker, Bloody Daryl, Daryl, Abraham. Center back is Rick Grimes, Glenn, Bloody Glenn, Maggie, Clara Walker, Carol,  Bloody Tyreese, Tyreese and Headless Hershel. Front in center, of course, Daryl's Chopper.

Golden Gate Bridge General Plan and Elevation Blue Print

Reprinted from an original blue print facsimile, The General Plan and Elevation of Bridge describes the Golden Gate Bridge in it's completed form. The side view elevation shows from the 746" high towers from mean sea level to the 300 feet depth of the San Francisco bay below center span. The topographical illustration shows the elevation of the land on both north and south sides of the bridge.

The Vicinity Map insert marks the locations of the proposed bridge and connecting highway. The blue print is signed by the bridge's promoter and lead engineer, Joseph Strauss along with the date of April 1931. Strauss, however, was not the designer of the architectural elements that have made the bridge iconic. The print size is 12" X 36" and comes rolled in a plastic sleeve.

Come To The Dark Side. We Have Toast

Whether you like your toast on the Light Side or on the Dark Side, the Darth Vader Helmet Dual Slice Toaster will satisfy your inner Jedi or Sith. The Star Wars logo appears one side of the done toast and the flip side of the bread gets a nice even toasting. 8" tall, 11.5" deep and 10" wide.

Metal Earth Star Wars X Wing Fighter Metal Model Kit

The new X Wing Metal Model Kit from Metal Earth is a continuation of the Stars Wars series of models. This kit is the only metal model of the fighter that we know of. The kit comes as two thin high polish stainless steel sheets that are laser etched and cut. Because laser etching can inscribe down to microns in size, the detailing is amazing. View into the cockpit to see Luke's helmet and just behind, the tiny R2 D2. Vents, ports and mechanicals can be clearly seen throughout the fuselage.

This kit is of medium hard difficulty because of the round engine nacelles and wing tip pods. To insure a nice round tube, roll the flat part around a the shaft of a screwdriver or similar object that matches the completed part diameter.

The competed model is 4" long, wingspan is 3 1/2" and stands 1 3/4" high.

Waffle Knit Golden Gate Bridge Tee

The mighty south tower of the Golden Gate Bridge as viewed from the pedestrian path printed on a 50/50 cotton poly waffle knit shirt. Lexi is 5'11" and she is wearing a women's medium.

The Maikii USB Tribe Horror 8GB Flashdrives Are A Perfect Place To Store Your Favorite Slasher Movies

Avoid using the horror series of 8GB flash drives in attics, basements and showers and you might live to file transfer another day. From left to right, Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, Jason Voorhees and Micheal Meyers. Figure is made of soft to the touch silicone and is easily cleaned. The drive is 2 1/2" long.

Maikii Tribe USB Simpsons 8GB Flash Drives

The Simpsons family of 8GB flash drives are made of easily cleaned silicon that is soft and pliable to the touch. Heads pop off to reveal the memory stick. About 2 1/2" long.

I KIssed a Republican, I Kissed a Democrat Blue Q Chiclet Gum

For either political persuasion, strongly flavored peppermint chiclet gum from Blue Q to wash out that bitter aftertaste.

Iwako Series Two Sushi Japanese Erasers. Now With Cup of Green Tea.

Iwako, maker of all things Japanese Eraser, has gone back to it's roots by creating a second series of Sushi Japanese Erasers. This group is intimately scaled smaller than the first versions, which brings a dollhouse preciousness to the new erasers. From left to right, the erasers are, ebi, tamagoyaki, toro, ikura, uni and tekkamaki. The bottom row of images shows the larger 1 1/4" long first series of Japanese erasers next to the smaller series two versions. Each eraser comes with a cup of green tea. The plate that this second series of sushi erases sit upon is one inch across. We should have these sometime in November 2014.

Ned Stark Funko Mystery Figure. First Brown and Now Black

 If you collect the Funko Mystery Figures, you are well aware that the figures are blind boxed. Part of the fun, or not, of blind boxed toys is the Christmas like surprise or disappointment of what toy is reveled when the box is opened. For the past few months since Funko starting shipping the Game of Thrones Mystery Figures, the Ned Stark mini figure has come with a grey cape. Until yesterday. So we are busily opening the blind boxes so we can put the figures out for sale in the store and the website and lo and behold, the Ned Stark Mystery Figures now come with a black cape. For those of us who obsess over such changes, this is significant, for the rest of us, it is just one giant fat meh.

The Sound Of One Hand Clapping.

We just wanted to see if it could be done.

If You Stare At This Long Enough, You Might Finger This Out

Finger puppets for your fingers.

Series Two Metal Earth Stars Wars Models

Shortly, Fascinations, maker of all things Metal Earth, will release Series Two of the Star Wars Metal Model Kits. Coming up is a Destroyer Droid, Imperial Star Destroyer, TIE Fighter and X Wing Fighter. No need to choose sides, for with these kits, be it the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire, the detailing of the laser etching will make for an extremely detailed model that will please all.

Rocketeer Funko Science Fiction Mystery Figure

From Funko's newest Science Fiction Mystery Figure release comes a 3" Rocketeer mini fig. 17 different figurines comprise the series. As usual, Funko blind boxes the toys, but here at, we open the blind boxes and make available your character of choice. The Rocketeer Science Fiction Mystery Figure is the rarest of the set, with a packaging ratio of 1/72.

Fascinations Star Trek Metal Model Kits

Sometime later this fall, Fascinations, maker of all models of laser cut and etched stainless steel. will be releasing four Star Trek Models. USS Enterprise NCC 1701, USS Enterprise NCC 1701D, Klingon Vor'cha Class and the Klingon Bird of Prey Class warships. The images below are of pre-production samples, so the actual packaging may be different. We also, believe that there will be a Borg Cube model as well.

Fascinations Bass Fiddle Metal Model Kit

The Fascinations Bass Fiddle Kit may be too small to "slap that bass", but the fine detailing of the headstock and bridge show case the intricate detailing that laser etching can achieve. 4 3/4" tall, 1 1/2" wide and 7/8" deep.

Iwako Gorilla Japanese Erasers

The Black and Pink Gorilla Japanese Erasers are part of the on going series of animal Japanese Erasers from Iwako, Japan. The erasers will be available fall of 2014.

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