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Translation of Iwako Japanese Steamed Bun Eraser Header Card

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These Iwako Japanese Erasers are replicas of manju. Manju is a steamed yeast bun confection with a filling often of red bean paste.

These food erasers are the least selling of the Iwako Japanese erasers, and we believe that we have yet to sell one from the website.

The assortment that these Iwako novelty erasers come in include 4 colors of Manju. Also in this Iwako assortment of Japanese food erasers are 4 colors of Taiyaki, pink, yellow, green and chocolate. Taiyaki is similar to pancake batter cooked in a waffle type iron shaped like a fish. Last in the assortment is Green Tea Cup and Saucer.  This header card is used for the tayaki erasers made by Iwako as well.

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