Translation of Iwako Sealife Eraser Header Card

The header card used for the sea life series Japanese erasers is the same for the whale erasers, 2 colors of the dolphin erasers, sunfish erasers, 2 colors of seal erasers and the penquin erasers.

From Iwako, these Japanese erasers come in 2 master box assortments. Originally, we could only order the eraser assortment with the 5 animal erasers as above.  Assortments are always a  compromise for retailers as there is always one or more poor sellers in the assortment. We would perfer to order by individual style. The least popular of the Japanese marine life erasers is the sunfish.

Iwako understanding this, made available a new Japanese marine eraser assortment that contains only the whale eraser, 2 colors of seal erasers and the dolphin eraser. By buying this Japanese eraser assortment, we avoid accumulating too many sunfish erasers in our inventory. Since the penquin Japanese eraser is one of the best sellers, that eraser is available in it´s own master pack of 50 pieces.

You can see the top of the dolphin easer in the over exposed picture below.

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