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Tayaki Japanese Food Eraser Set

This Tayaki Japanese eraser food set contains erasers made by both Iwako and Zensinsyoji. The Iwako tayaki food erasers are slightly smaller than their Zesinsyoji counterparts and have a bit of the filling emerging from the tail of the fish. The Iwako erasers come in four flavors or colors, chocolate, pink, yellow and green. The Zensinsyoji come in two types, both chocolate, one regular and one extra crispy. The filling can be seen at the bottom of the Zensinsyoji fish erasers. And with all the Japanese erasers, they can be taken apart.

Taiyaki translates into "baked sea bream" and
is a Japanese confection. Made of a pancake
batter, it is cooked in a waffle type iron with
molds shaped like a fish. Often a filling is
poured into one of the fish halves and then the
iron is closed and the batter is cooked until
various shades of brown.

The most common filling is red bean paste, but
other fillings include custard, chocolate or


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