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New Colors for Iwako Penquins

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Three new colors are now available for the Iwako penquin Japanese erasers.  Blue, pink and green are added to the existing black Iwako Japanese penquin.  They are sold individually and as a set of the three new colors. We left out the Iwako black penquin Japanese eraser as it has been available for quite a while. We felt that most of you have the Iwako black penquin Japanese eraser and did not need another black penquin Japanese eraser. If you need a black penquin for your Japanese eraser collection, please add one to your cart.

We offer seven colors of the Zensinsyoji Top Hat Penquin Japanese erasers. The supply of the new Top Hat Penquin Japanese eraser colors is intermittent, but we have sufficient inventory to be able to supply customers a least through Christmas if not later.

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