New and Old Header Cards For Iwako Penquin Japanese Erasers

As a long time retailer, the things that interest us in the merchandise we sell is not usually what is interesting to the customer.  When we try to impose that esoteric interest on our customers, that merchandise will probably end up at the local thrift store, unsaleable.                                                                                                                                                               One of the things we love about the Iwako and Zensinsyoji erasers is the "Japaneseness" of the design of the Japanese erasers and the header cards.  The whole package is for the Japan market. The writing on the header card is in Japanese.  These Japanese erasers are intended for the Japanese market, no where else.                                                                                                                
The new header cards that first appeared with the Iwako Samurai Japanese erasers and now with the new colors of the Iwako Penquin Japanese erasers are more friendly to the U.S. market.   The label includes a choking hazard warning and has the website address for the U.S distributor. We know the kids who buy the erasers could care less about the header card, but we will miss the old style Japanese header cards.

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