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Display Box For Dream/Yume/Zensinsyoji Japanese Erasers

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Us retailers like to open a shipping box that is delivered to our stores, open it with our trusty box knives and take out what is know as a POP display. POP stands for Point of Purchase. This is a display they takes only moments for the retailer to assemble and put out in their stores.  The artwork below is for the Dream Japanese eraser POP display box that we will soon be seeing.

On the top half of the image of the Dream Japanese eraser point of purchase box, the bow will be die cut, so when the back part of the Dream Japanese eraser display box is folded up, the bow will be in relief. This makes the display box more noticeable to the customer, or least that is the intent.

The interior of the box has dividers where the Japanese erasers will be displayed. It takes a persistent retailer to keep these boxes full of Japanese erasers neat.

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