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When 31 Pink Japanese Erasers Is Not Enough Pink Japanese Erasers

We were offering a collection of 31 Pink Japanese Erasers. This was a popular collection of Japanese collectible erasers.  It is no longer available as we had to pull various pink Japanese erasers from the master assortments that we get from Iwako and Dream/Zensinsyoji.  For a while on sausalitoferry.com, we were out of stock of many of the pink erasers, frustrating collectors who were looking for 1 or 2 specific Iwako or Dream/Zensinsyoji erasers.

As we have said before, we get assortments of Japanese erasers that have uneven amounts of different erasers. This, of course, makes some types of Japanese erasers more difficult to find individually than others. We and other sites selling Japanese erasers offer complete series sets, but for many collectors, this forces them to buy, for example, a 5 piece animal eraser set, when they only need one eraser.

We try to make as many individual erasers available as we can, but cruising through the Japanese eraser sections of sausalitoferry.com, there are some that are almost always out of stock.

If you are looking for a hard to find Japanese eraser, email or call us, and we will hold one for you when we receive inventory.

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