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One Bird In The Hand May Or May Not Be Fuchsia

Iwako is know for it´s color consistency in the Japanese erasers it produces. The colors do not vary from shipment to shipment and we can pretty much count on seeing the same color assortments in the complete erasers series sets from them.   The recent exception is the fuchsia bird Japanese animal eraser.  We saw this animal eraser in the bird assortment late this winter and in the next shipment we received about 3 weeks later it was gone.

The bird Japanese eraser set color assortment has always been a little odd. Currently, included in the set is 2 shades of pink. and  The fuschia bird eraser is not included and for now is out of production.

We have come to expect this sort of color confusion from Dream/Zensinsyoji, but not Iwako. This is not a criticism, we love this sort of variation.

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