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What Japanese Erasers We Are Out Of And Why

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Iwako sends Japanese erasers in a 60 piece count master box. Some erasers come only one style per box, others come as assortments. The problem with the assortment eraser boxes is that some of the erasers are more desirable than others. Those more popular ones sell out quickly leaving Japanese erasers that are not so popular. Pictured are a few of those more popular ones.  The carrot Japanese eraser,, the matcha flavored hot spring bun Japanese eraser, and the red, white and blue basketball eraser,  Of the 3 Japanese erasers, the basketball is the most popular.  We have special ordered those and should have them in about 60 days. The carrot is the 2nd most popular, does not sell strongly enough to justify ordering the quantity that we need to special order. The matcha hot bun Japanese eraser appeals only to the most intense collectors. If we had sufficient inventory, we would still sell only a couple dozen of these food erasers during the year.

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