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Japanese Eraser Penquins Of A Different Color

Iwako has added 2 new colors to the 4 existing penguin Japanese erasers. Purple and fuchsia have been added and now there are 6 colors of Iwako Japanese penguin erasers.

We have found that when there is an older series of colors and then a couple of new colors of Japanese erasers are added, the new colors sell out quite quickly. Most of the collectors usually have the older color Japanese erasers in their collections and only need the newer colors.

If you notice in some places in sausalitoferry.com if there is a older color of a Japanese eraser, we will not include that Japanese eraser in the new complete series set, because we know that most of you will not want to purchase a Japanese eraser you already own.

Since we added the purple and fuchsia penguin Japanese erasers a couple days ago, we have been selling almost only these colors.

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