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Orao Cookie Erasers, Or is it Oreo Cookie Erasers?

The Orao cracker erasers are part of the 1 to 40 Erasers category. Each Orao package contains 2 stacks of vanilla scented cracker erasers.

Orao looks and sounds suspiciously like Oreo. Copycat products have a long history of this sort of imitation. Orao is different enough from Oreo to keep the attorneys at bay, but close enough to look like the real thing.

Iwako has done "copies" of Japanese food products as well and those can be found in the food section of sausalitoferry.com. The Iwako copy Japanese erasers are actually parodies of real food products in Japan. In previous posts, such as "We Apologize If This Soup Has Hardened". we have translations of what is written on the Japanese food eraser. Some of it is pretty funny.

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