We Were Misinformed About Limited Edition Hamster Japanese Erasers

We were brimming with excitement about the Limited Edition Hamsters. A short, one shot production run by Iwako, leaving us with a Hamster Japanese Eraser inventory that would last only a few days before it sold out. Then no more. Ever.

We find out today, that the so called "Limited Edition Hamster Erasers" are actually not going to be limited edition but a continuing production know as Series 2 Hamsters.

12 color versions will be available. The 60 piece eraser master box from Iwako will probably contain 5 of each color of the hamster erasers.

Iwako will also make a 60 piece Japanese eraser box that will contain only white hamster Japanese erasers as this color will be the most popular.

We are a bit embarrassed about our faulty information about Limited Edition Hamster Japanese erasers that we wrote about in earlier posts. We will have to do a more thorough job of checking our sources.

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