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New Iwako Japanese Eraser Catalog Volume 3

We have available Volume 3 Iwako catalog. It contains pictures of 527 Iwako and Dream/Zensinsyoji Japanese erasers.

The catalog has pictures of all the Japanese erasers that will be available through July of this year.

It does not cover the color variations and some of the older styles such as the primary color bowling ball sets that can be found on

Also pictured in the catalog is an empty Iwako master box that contains 60 Japanese erasers. The red master box is what the erasers come in from Iwako. We do not sell them, though sometimes we use them to ship Japanese erasers to customers.

We do not sell them as we ship almost all our Japanese eraser orders for a flat rate of $4.95 via the US Postal Service Priority Mail. Because the Japanese erasers are small and hardly weigh anything, we can take advantage of this speedy shipping service. Transit times are usually 3 to 4 working days to the East Coast from our West Coast Sausalito location.

If we sold the empty Iwako master boxes, and we have plenty of empty ones, they would be $1.00 each. Because the Iwako master boxes are bigger than the $4.95 boxes we use to ship the Japanese erasers, we must use the medium Priority shipping box, which requires a $10.40 shipping label. That cost of shipping makes the cost of the Iwako master boxes expensive beyond the $1 cost we would charge for them. We can only fit 3 of the Iwako master boxes in a medium Priority shipping box.

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