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We Deliberately Do Not Order Enough Purple Cow Erasers

A frustrated customer wanted to know why we had not restocked the Iwako Purple Cow Japanese erasers.

As you may already know, Iwako packs their Japanese erasers in a 60 piece master box. Some Japanese erasers come in assortments, so we may get, say, 10 per style of 6 different colors the Iwako Cow Erasers.

When the Japanese erasers are packed this way, we have no ability to replenish a color that sells out quickly without buying a lot of the other colors that we may not need.  Iwako packs some of their 60 piece master boxes with only one type of Japanese eraser, such as the upcoming All White Hamster Series 2, which we are guessing will be very popular. The Iwako Cow Japanese erasers come only in a mixed color assortment.

It is not that the Iwako Purple Cow is any more wildly popular than the other colors. A customer bought all our inventory.

We do not like to frustrate our customers, but retailing so many different styles of Japanese erasers, we must be careful not to overstock our Japanese eraser inventory. 

We do special order some specific colors of Japanese erasers from Iwako such as the Green Frog Japanese eraser, or the Red, White or Blue Basketball Japanese Eraser, but we need to order quite a few. We do not sell enough of the Purple Cow Japanese erasers to order specially from Iwako.

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