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What Do Egg and Puffer Fish Japanese Erasers Have In Common?

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Dream Zensinsyoji latest version of the egg Japanese erasers arrived with a orange yolk. The egg Japanese eraser on the right, is the older version and has the yellow yolk.

This color change made us wonder. We remember that duck eggs have orange yolks. We also know that duck eggs are not used in Japanese cooking. We suspect that the new color variation of the egg Japanese food erasers is just Dream Zensinsyoji not carefully matching their colors in production and not trying to make duck egg Japanese erasers.

We have seen Dream Zensinsyoji make these color change before with their Japanese erasers. Currently, we are getting 2 versions of the puffer fish Japanese erasers. The color of the dark orange puffer fish Japanese eraser is pretty close to the color of the orange yolk Japanese egg erasers.

We are also getting a lighter version of the puffer fish Japanese eraser.

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