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How the Brown Bears Became Rare Bears

Series 1 Bear Japanese erasers have become rare again. These animal erasers are still being made, but us retailers must buy them in an Iwako assortment rather than a master box containing only Series 1 Bear Japanese Erasers.

We were able to buy Series 1 Bear Japanese erasers in a 60 piece Iwako master box, but that offering has been discontinued.

The 60 master box that the bear Japanese erasers currently come in also contain 2 colors of Series 1 Rabbit Japanese erasers and 3 colors of the dog Japanese erasers.

So in the Iwako master box we only get about 7 pieces each of both bear Japanese erasers. The Series 1 bears have always been good sellers, especially when Series 2 bears with their odd colors were introduced. The dogs and rabbits also can be had in 60 piece exclusive assortments.

In case you were wondering, the "K" on the standing bear´s sweater stands for Kuma, which means bear in Japanese.

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