Iwako Japanese Erasers So Obscure That Nobody Ever Noticed

When we started selling Iwako Japanese erasers a while ago, Iwako had a series of Hot Spring Bun Japanese erasers. We dutifully ordered them, as we were determined to offer everything that Iwako and Dream Zensinsyoji made. We still offer all the Japanese erasers, but there are a few more types than when we started out.

We can not remember the last time we sold one of the Iwako Hot Spring Bun Japanese erasers, so we looked. The last time somebody ordered one of these food Japanese erasers was on March 10.

We went to our importers site, Iwako USA, to see if they were still offered. They are not.

With all the new exciting Iwako and Dream Zensinsyoji Japanese erasers coming shortly, such as Series 2 Hamsters, or the Iwako Horse Japanese erasers, we expect the Iwako Hot Spring Bun Japanese erasers will remain obscure. At the rate we are selling them, it will be 2048 by the time we are out of stock.

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