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Light and Dark Bread Crusts

We like receiving
shipment from Dream
. Almost every
time, we get new color
variations in their
Japanese erasers. Pictured are all the variations of the Dream Zensinsyoji bread erasers to date.

Dream Zensinsyoji packages the bread Japanese erasers in loaf containing 4 slices of both white and dark bread. Other versions are packed 2 slices in a package. The 2 Japanese eraser bread slices are  combinations of white and dark breads. We are just showing what variations we have received from Dream Zeninsyoji.  You can create these combinations yourself, if so inclined.

The color variation in the bread erasers occurs in the crusts of the dark bread Japanese erasers. Looking at the pictures of the dark bread Japanese eraser pairs, you can see that the right pair has a lighter brown crust than the other dark bread Japanese erasers.

For those of you who peeled your crusts off your slices of bread as a child, you can do the same to the Dream Zensinsyoji bread Japanese erasers as well.

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