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New Doughnut Colors But No Pictures.

We receive news from Iwako USA that this coming week of July 5th, we will be receiving new colors of the Iwako doughnut Japanese erasers.  The following is from the Iwako USA website. BC is the wholesale division of Iwako USA. We will have the new doughnut Japanese erasers on the site the day we receive them.                                                                          No.38120 DONUT ERASER NOW IN 6 COLORS, made by Iwako in Japan.  No picture yet, new production just completed yesterday, loaded on an airplane, but it went to Germany, then flying to San Francisco, due in SFO airport 7/2 night. BC Exclusive.  This was interesting, Iwako chairman and BC chairman both went out in Tokyo searching through many donut and pastry shops to study doughnut colors and taking pictures of all sorts of fancy donuts they have in Tokyo, needless to say, they are very different than the American donuts.  BC Exclusive.

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