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Little Blue Bird of Happiness

Blog - Japanese Erasers

Along with the Red, White and Blue Basketball Japanese Eraser and the Pencil Sharpener Japanese Eraser we now have expanded inventory of the Blue Bird Japanese Eraser.

These Japanese erasers are some of the best sellers and we should have enough of these erasers to keep everybody happy.

We wonder though. For example, in the 60 piece Iwako master box that the Pencil Sharpener erasers came in, we only got a handful. As you know, scarcity creates want. Were we always out of stock of the Pencil Sharpener Japanese erasers because we never had enough in the first place, or as in the Blue Bird Japanese erasers, they are popular because they cute, cool or weird?

Now that we have plenty of stock of the Pencil Sharpener Japanese erasers, we will be able to answer that question in a few weeks.

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