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So What is the Difference Between Iwako and Dream Zensinsyoji Japanese Erasers?

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Iwako and Dream Zensinsyoji are the two companies that make the Japanese erasers. The companies are owned by brothers and are run separately. The companies design their Japanese erasers independently from each other. So how do you tell the Japanese erasers apart?
The header cards are different. Iwako's cards make it very clear that the erasers are made by them as do the newer header cards from Dream Zensinsyoji. The older cards from Dream Zenisnyoji are all in Japanese and have the typical cute Japanese illustrations on them.
Just looking at theJapanese erasers, you can make some generalizations about the Dream Zensinsyoji erasers that could help you identify them. Dream Zenisinsyoji erasers tend to be smaller in size and often are packaged in pairs, but not always. The birthday cakes, icing cakes and banana pastries are some of the exceptions.
Dream Zensinsyoji tends to use pastel colors.
On, the manufacturer is always listed with the eraser so you can use the site to help you identify your Japanese erasers.

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