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Why Japanese Eraser Selection Is Better In The US Than Japan

Iwako USA is the prime importer of Iwako Japanese erasers in the US. As a retailer of the Japanese erasers, we buy all our erasers from Iwako USA. This is unlike the wholesale suppliers of Silly Bands. A few weeks ago, we were getting multiple solicitations a day from different wholesalers hawking Silly Bands.

Iwako USA Japanese eraser offerings is much more extensive than that of Iwako Japan or any of the other handful of importers of Iwako Japanese erasers. Iwako USA creates new colors of existing erasers. Those new color variations are not sold to the other smaller importers by Iwako Japan, at least not for the first few months of production.

We make sure that we post every variation of Japanese erasers that we can obtain. Some, we just receive a few and then no more. Others we have constant stock.

An employee of ours, visited the Iwako factory in Japan a couple weeks back. She brought with her some Iwako Japanese erasers that we did not know existed. We will be posting pictures of those on the blog in a while.

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