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Thermal Coffee Mug, Not Telephoto Lens

For you Japanese eraser fans, the telephoto coffee mug on the left, is really something different. If you have been to Sausalito Ferry Co looking for Japanese erasers, you already know that our other store, just across the street, Games People Play, has the Japanese eraser inventory. For those web customers, the Japanese erasers ship from Sausalito Ferry Co.

We have four types of camera lens photo mugs coming in November. The lens cap or lens flare guard is the cap for the mug.

The telephoto coffee mug pictured on the left is the most fun of the four mugs that we have coming in November. When you turn the focusing ring, the mug extends and becomes longer just like a real telephoto lens. Pricing will be from about $25 to $40 each. A bit more than Japanese erasers.

What is on is only a small selection of what is actually carried in the store. We are adding new items to the website all the time.

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