"Eat Your Broccoli" Could Take On An All New Meaning With Harry Pottery Magic Wand Chopsticks

As we buy from many Japanese suppliers for store, we get all sorts of email catalogs. Most of what we see are items that only sell well within Japan and are absolutely unsellable in the store. The other items offered in the last week were from the anime Ikkitousen, Kannagi and K-On.

Occasionally we do see something that is pretty amazing from the Japanese suppliers. The Harry Potter Magic Wand Chopsticks fall into that category. We are not going to get them, as they would end up to be pretty expensive at retail with the yen to dollar exchange rate being what it is.

We wonder if there is a spell that could be used with the Harry Potter Magic Wand Chopsticks that could change your dinner into tasting like mint chip ice cream?

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