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These Are Not The Vinyl Wallets You Had As A Child

Since we are older than most of you, we can remember as a little kid owning a vinyl wallet. It was brown and had a cowboy on it. We think our brown vinyl wallet had on money pocket and a place to put a drivers license. Being of tender age, we had neither, so we do remember borrowing a dollar bill from our mother's purse. No, we never were found out, but with our new purloined  wealth, we felt important.

Vinyl wallets became extinct shortly there after and have been nearly impossible to find at retail. In the last year or so, we have been building our vinyl wallet collection with ones we get from Japan.

These vinyl wallets are much more elaborate than our childhood one. Some of them are trifold wallets with magnetic closures, multiple interior pockets, credit card inserts and coin pockets. The vinyl wallets are durable. A couple of our employees have been using them for well over a year and the vinyl has yet to tear as my childhood vinyl wallet did.

Vinyl wallets for the Japanese market, of course, are going to have the cuteness quotient turned way up. Our favorites are the Petit Babie and Elmer the Patchwork Elephant.

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