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Three Of A KInd Japanese Eraser Birthday Cakes

Opening a box of Dream Zensinsyoji Japanese erasers is always full of colorful surprises. Dream Zensinsyoji is not as exact in matching colors when they make more Japanese erasers. The three birthday cake Japanese erasers are a good example of this imprecise color matching. When Dream Zensinsyoji first started making the birthday cake erasers we were getting the nice chocolate color on the right. Then came the light mocha color, followed by the chocolate color once again and in the most recent shipment last week, we received the color in the middle.

These color variations of these Japanese birthday cake erasers have occurred over the last two years or so.

We have seen color variations in the Dream Zensinsyoji tulip sets, and the sliced navel oranges.

Iwako Japan, is very exacting in making sure that when they mix up a new batch of eraser goop, you will almost never see any variation in color from batch to batch.

An example of Iwako Japan color variations is the Sundae in Blue Cup Japanese erasers. The ice cream scoop went from light pink to pink.

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