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What Matcha and Grey Koala Japanese Erasers Have in Common

We have nattered on about how Japanese erasers are packed in the sixty piece boxes we get from IwakoUSA before. We are now going to do it again because we are out of Grey Koala Japanese Erasers and it will be that way for a few months.

When Japanese eraser retailers buy from IwakoUSA, most of the Japanese erasers come in boxes of sixty Japanese erasers. For example, the koala Japanese erasers are made in six colors, so there are ten colors of each koala Japanese erasers in each box of sixty.

Color assortments have their good and bad sides for us retailers. We will focus on the downside. Almost always, in color assortments of merchandise, there are going to be colors that are popular and colors that bite.

When Iwako chooses colors, they pick colors for the Japanese erasers that will sell within Japan, not anywhere else in the world.  We see this with the cupcake Japanese erasers. Ten Japanese cupcake erasers in the sixty piece master box have green or matcha icing. (Matcha is a ground up green tea flavoring). Matcha colored Japanese cupcake erasers do not sell here in the US. All the other colors in the cupcake Japanese eraser assortment sell pretty evenly, but not the matcha colored Japanese cupcake eraser. So we have a backstock or 143 matcha cupcake Japanese erasers, and this increases by 10 every time we order another Japanese cupcake eraser master box.

The flip side to having too much of one Japanese eraser is not having enough of one Japanese eraser. Which brings us to the Grey Koala Japanese Eraser. Grey is the most popular of the six colors of the Koala Japanese erasers and sells out almost immediately. That leaves all the other colors which are not so popular.

The way we solve this problem is to special order the Grey Koala eraser which we have done. But we will not see them until summer sometime.

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