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Ty Iwako Hedgehog Japanese Erasers


The New York Toyfair is held once a year in February. We buy many goodies for the stores there, but we admit we have developed a special thing for erasers. Ty, the creator of Beanie Babies, started selling their version of Iwako erasers a couple months ago. They are current designs made by Iwako Japan, but in different color combinations than that is available from Iwako USA.

At Toyfair, much to our surprise, we saw that Ty had created with Iwako Japan, a new animal eraser, the hedgehog Japanese eraser.The hedgehog Japanese eraser available from Iwako USA in late April in six color combinations. We believe that this is the first time that another importer other than Iwako USA, has introduced a new style of Iwako Japanese eraser.

The Ty Hedgehog Japanese erasers should be shipping to stores in March. We will have the Ty Hedgehog and Iwako USA Japanese erasers up on sausalitoferry.com as soon as we receive them.

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