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Ty Beanie Japanese Eraserz and You

We have been carrying Ty plush in our other brick and mortar, Games People Play for quite a few years. Ty has done a remarkable job with Beanie Babies and their other plush lines over the years. Few other toy manufactures have had that kind of success.

Ty sends us order forms once a month. We order and send them back. During that month, we will receive some of not all of what we order.

When Beanie Babies were the must have toy in the 90's, Ty would limit the amount we could order of a particular style and there was no guarantee that we would get all of our order.That still holds true 20 years later.

Limiting the supply of the Beanie Babies only created a more hysterical demand. We had people waiting for the UPS truck to deliver Ty shipments to get first crack. Not our idea of toy retailing.

Last fall Ty came up with Ty branded silly bands and in  January of this year introduced Ty branded Iwako Japanese erasers.

We wondered why Ty would offer the bands and the Iwako Japanese eraser. Especially at a dollar retail. The Ty Iwako Japanese erasers differ from their Iwako USA counterparts, in that they come in a sturdy clear plastic display box. This box makes it easier for the retailers to merchandise the erasers. The boxes sit nicely upright on a counter, or can be hung from a peg rack, which Ty offers to us retailers.

Most toy manufactures do not like to offer dollar retail items. There is no profit in it. With Ty packaging their Iwako Japanese erasers in the plastic boxes, that adds cost. They can not be making too many pennies from the Ty Japanese erasers. The Ty Japanese erasers do not offer the profit margin that the plush does.

So why is Ty offering these low margin toys?

Since the recession, the best categories in toys for us in the $10 and below range. Most of the 1500 goodies we have on sausalitoferry.com are all below $5. We suspect that Ty is trying to keep their retailers interested by offering these new low retail products. The above picture was taken at the Ty booth at New York Toy Fair on February 14.  With the Ty booth in a prime location at Toy Fair, putting the Ty Iwako Japanese erasers front and center in the Ty booth creates buzz. It draws the retailers into the booth, when they just might circle it, knowing already pretty much what Ty is offering.

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