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Iwako USA, NY Toyfair and You

In contrast to the Ty Booth at the New York Toy Fair, we show you the Iwako USA booth. The Iwako USA booth is all about the Japanese erasers. No fancy, space eating booth, with elaborate displays.  Just erasers.

We like this picture as it shows very clearly how Iwako packages the erasers. The red boxes sitting on their ends contain 60 Japanese erasers, usually an assortment of, for example, dessert erasers.

If a sausalitoferry.com customer orders 50 or more Japanese erasers, we will sometimes repack that order in one of the red Iwako boxes to ship to the customer.

On the lower shelves, the pink boxes are Japanese erasers from Dream Zensinsyoji. They also contain 60 erasers.

In the backround, at the top left of the photo, you can see the the white Toyfair sign says "BC USA". This is Iwako USA's business name.

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