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Japanese Eraser Fail

The toy world landscape is littered with failed toy introductions. Try as they might, most of the new toys that are introduced into the market by toymakers fail.

Part of the process of bringing new toys to market is having samples made. With these samples, the toy companies mull, ponder and wonder about if this version of a toy will attract kids and their parents. It is always a guess.

Iwako goes through the same process. Above are three samples from Iwako that are examples of this experimentation. Lets package an animal Japanese eraser with a log chair animal Japanese eraser. Seems like it is a good combination. This combo package never made into production.

With so many versions of Japanese erasers, the thinking was that another series of packaged Japanese erasers at a different price would not be attractive to retailers. As a retailer, we would have to agree. We have found that people either buy single Japanese erasers or the Japanese eraser series sets both at brick and mortar retail and at the web store.  We have tried combo sets on sausalitoferry.com in the past, but they did not sell.

Note in the above sets, the colors of the furniture Japanese erasers also never made it to production.

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