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This Is Not The End of These Erasers

You will often see bins or packages of small bulk erasers in stores that sell for a dime or so each. We have some in the 1 to 40 section of the website.

These erasers are flat and do not have the realistic shapes that Iwako and Dream Zenisn do.

Pictured are three of these type of extruded erasers, a ice skate, leaf and poodle dress. Usually the extruded eraser rope would be sliced into 1/4 inch segments producing thousands of individual erasers. We have 6 different 12 inch long rope erasers on the site.

The extruding process works somewhat like squeezing toothpaste out of it's tube. The difference for making extruded erasers is the eraser material is hot so it can be molded by the shape of the die and once it cools it hardens into the eraser material we are all so familiar with.  For the skate eraser, the metal die has a opening in the shape of the skate.

The 12 inch length and the floppiness of the rope eraser would make erasing with it clumsy, so these erasers are good for collecting or cutting up to make usable erasers.

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