Sonny Angel Mini Figure Animal Series 1.5 – Sausalito Ferry Co


Sonny Angel Mini Figure Animal Series 1.5

Up on we have the collection of Sonny Angel mini figures. Pictured below are some of the Sonny Angel Animal Series 1.5. There are 12 different Animal Series 1.5. The sculpting and painting of these figures is of the quality we expect from a Japanese manufacturer.

If you ever come to the brick and mortar store we have quite a display of the Sonny Angel figures. We devote three 40 inch long shelves showing some sixty different styles of the Sonny Kewpies.

The Sonny Angels are blind boxed and since we believe that our customers should be able to pick what 3 inch mini figure they want, we remove them from the boxes they are packaged in.  As a customer in the store, you can pick out what style you want rather than gambling on the contents of what might be in a sealed box.

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