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17 Japanese Eraser Doughnuts Should Be Enough

With the upcoming release of the cruller Japanese erasers from Iwako next month in May, the doughnut Japanese eraser count will reach 17. We believe that no other food, animal, fruit or toy Japanese eraser get so much attention from both Iwako and Dream Zensinsyoji.

The Japanese counterpart to Krispy Kreme is the Mister Doughnut chain. On the Mister Doughtnut site, you can find quite a selection of crullers as well as other doughnut shapes that we do not see in this country.

All this makes us wonder about the sweet tooth's of the owners of Iwako and Dream Zensinsyoji.

In case you were wondering,the larger doughnut Japanese erasers on the left and center are made by Iwako and the smaller doughnut Japanese erasers on the right are made by Dream Zesninsyoji.

Below are some of the crullers that Mister Doughnut offers, so it is easy to see what Iwako had in mind when they made their cruller Japanese erasers. We just wish that they could have put sprinkles on their cruller Japanese erasers as well.

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