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Topps Wacky Package Erasers

We have added to the ever expanding collection of Japanese and non-Japanese eraser category at the Topps Wacky Package Eraser Series One. The erasers arrive from Topps three to a blind package and a quick check on the interweb shows that the erasers are sold mostly only in the blind package.

As a retailer, we have never believed in blind packages. To us, blind packaging is not all that different than buying lottery tickets. There is a thrill to lottery tickets, but it can get expensive very quickly. We always removed the Kidrobot Dunnys from their sealed boxes and we are doing the same for the Topps Wacky Package erasers.

Topps has made Wacky Package Stickers for many years and now they have added erasers  as well. There are 24 types of Wacky Package erasers.

#1 "Boreo" America's favorite snooze cookies
#2 Cap'n Crutch" Cereal that's gone down with the ship
#3 "Cave Man Wich" Sloppy dino sauce
#4 "Creeps" Born bad
#5 Dead Bull" No energy drink
#6 "De-Mented Brand", Rotten tomatoes
#7 "Ditz" They're not nuts, they're crackers
#8 "Drool Aid" Natural flavored saliva
#9 "Fool" Iced tea for morons
#10 "Frosted Snakes" There g-r-r-r-oos.
#11, "Geek Giant" Dorky Pea-Wees
#12 "Jelly Bully" The totally mean jelly bean
#13 "Lapton" Decatfienated, naturally to let sleeping dogs lie
#14 "Mice Krispies" The cheesist cereal ever
#15 "Miniature Maid" Orange juice
#16 "Prickles" Thorny Cactus crisps
#17 "Slacker Jack" Unpopped caramel corn and whatever
#18 "Sour Puss" Sad and gloomy candy
#19 "Spite" The soda for sore losers
#20 "Zit Kat" Beef coated wafers for cats


#21 "Mtn. Dude" The extreme drink for country bumpkins
#22 "Chimps Ahoy" Cookies for chimpanzees
#23 "Sneez-It" Wise crackers' crackers
#24 "Just For Wolfmen" Shampoo in-scare color

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