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We Smell Rotten Tomatoes In the Topps Wacky Package Eraser Assortment

We have found that what Topps, the maker of Wacky Package Erasers, says what are the rare erasers in the assortment is not correct. At least on our count of one case of Wacky Package Erasers.

Just so you know, the Wacky Package erasers are packed on POP or Point of Purchase displays. Each point of purchase display holds 24 blind packages of erasers, with each of those blind packages containing 3 erasers. So in a POP you will get 72 erasers. With 6 POPs per shipping carton, there are a total of 432 erasers.

So we counted and this is the breakdown, at least for this one case we received.

#1 "Boreo", 17 pieces
#2 Cap'n Crutch", 10 pieces
#3 "Cave Man Wich", 26 pieces
#4 "Creeps",21 pieces
#5 Dead Bull", 25 pieces
#6 "De-Mented Brand",28 pieces
#7 "Ditz", 9 pieces
#8 "Drool Aid", 16 pieces
#9 "Fool", 27 pieces
#10 "Frosted Snakes", 8 pieces
#11, "Geek Giant", 24 pieces
#12 "Jelly Bully", 23 pieces
#13 "Lapton", 9 pieces
#14 "Mice Krispies", 10 pieces
#15 "Miniature Maid", 27 pieces
#16 "Prickles", 22 pieces
#17 "Slacker Jack", 10 pieces
#18 "Sour Puss", 19 pieces
#19 "Spite", 25 pieces
#20 "Zit Kat", 20 pieces

According to the Wacky Package Eraser checklist, the following 4 erasers are rare.

#21 "Mtn. Dude", 19 pieces
#22 "Chimps Ahoy" 21 pieces
#23 "Sneez-It", 8 pieces
#24 "Just For Wolfmen", 8 pieces

Assuming that any eraser that comes 10 or less pieces for the 432 piece carton is rare, then Wacky Package erasers #21 "Mtn. Dude" and #22, "Chimps Ahoy" that Topps says are rare, are not.

Then #2 "Cap'n Crutch", #7 "Ditz", #10 "Frosted Snakes", #13 "Lapton", #14 "Mice Krispies" and #17 "Slacker Jack" which Topps says are not rare, are.

If anybody else has found the same counts, or not, we would like to hear about it. Just email us at info@sausalitoferry.com.

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