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Kokeshi, Omokeshi and Omanori Japanese Erasers

Kokeshi, Omokeshi and Omanori. What does it all mean?

The upcoming Kokeshi Doll Japanese erasers is Iwako's variation of a traditional wooden doll that has it's origins as a keepsake from hot springs in Northern Japan. Kokeshi means "small wooden doll". Each of the six Kokeshi Doll Japanese erasers wears a different patterned kimono. The kimonos show flower, heart, origami crane and Mt. Fuji rising sun and roundel patterns. The Kokeshi erasers are about 1 3/4 inches tall.

The Omokeshi Series Sets, One through Fifteen, each have a theme of Japanese erasers. Pictured is Burger Shop Omokeshi Set One containing Japanese erasers that are fast food. Omokeshi translates to "interesting set" or "amusing set".

Omamori Japanese erasers are amulets on which prayers are written to bring good luck. Omamori can be read in Japanese as "honorable protector". We have been out of stock of the Omamori Japanese erasers from Iwako for a while and do not know when we will see more.


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