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New Japanese Erasers and New Japanese Eraser Packaging

Starting with the Hedgehog Japanese erasers that became available earlier this week, Iwako has adopted two new packages for the Hegdehog Japanese erasers. We have talked about the rip and grip clear cellophane retail display packages that the hedgehog Japanese erasers come in on a previous post.

The second new package is the master display box that comes to us retailers. These boxes usually contain 60 Japanese erasers. The new display box pictured below is much more attractive and easier for the retailer to show the Japanese erasers.

The older master boxes were designed primarily as a shipping box, not as a display box. The old box was red, and had cardboard dividers within, which organized the 60 packages of Japanese erasers within neatly, but turned into a mess when pawed through by children looking for specific Japanese erasers.  The solid red color of those boxes was not attractive sitting on a retailers shelf.

The new boxes are colorful and happy that will show well on the retailers shelf. The interior is without the cardboard dividers and rather than each package of Japanese eraser placed carefully in each divided section, the packages of Japanese erasers are dumped into the box. This should be labor saving for the Iwako factory and thus the erasers come pre-messed up ready for excited Japanese eraser collectors.

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