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What Japanese Eraser Comes In What Package

Iwako appears to be transitioning from the older red master boxes to a new colorful retailer friendly display box. The two styles of Japanese erasers that are coming in the new display boxes are the Way Too Much Goodness or French Pastry Japanese erasers and the Hedgehog Japanese erasers. The packages the Hedgehog and Way Too Much Goodness Japanese erasers come in are new too. Packaged  in rip and grip bags, they are dumped into the new display boxes.

Interestingly enough, the Maneki Japanese erasers, Series Two Cow Japanese erasers, Series Four Hamster Japanese erasers and the Motorcycle Rider Pencil Topper Japanese erasers come in the old style packages.

Rip and grip bags are so named for the sticky strip on the fold over flap that allows sealing the bag closed. A thin peel away protective plastic strip protects the sticky until it is needed. The new rip and grip bags are punched with a hole to allow hanging by retailers.

The older style bag has a cardboard header card stapled to the cello bag containing the Japanese eraser.

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