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Those Japanese Baby Erasers With and Those Without....

The Iwako baby Japanese erasers up until now came as girl and boy erasers. The boy Japanese erasers were anatomically correct and the girl Japanese erasers were gender neutral.

The boy Japanese erasers always had brown hair, the girl Japanese erasers, orange hair.

As Iwako USA is now out of stock of the Dream Zensinsyoji baby Japanese eraser assortments that include the male baby Japanese eraser, the anatomically correct boys will be discontinued.

The new baby Japanese erasers will be called Gender Neutral Baby with Brown Hair Eraser or Gender Neutral Baby Eraser with Orange Hair to differentiate from the baby boy erasers with parts.

So why is IwakoUSA making this change for the US market. What follows is a email from IwakoUSA to it's sales people.

"It took us 3-4 years to convince Japanese Dream Factory to change to unisex babies.  Culture differences, they simply could not understand what is wrong with boy baby being exactly what he is, a boy baby. We could not really explain it well, except to informed them many of our retailers do not like to sell boy baby eraser being a boy.   We had the same struggle with gun eraser in the No.38168 Police Erasers, we removed the pistol erasers from the mix, because many toy stores do not want to sell any gun toys.  The Japanese factory had a hard time understanding it, from 10,000 miles away, America is land of cowboys and Indians, Rambo, Godfather, Star War and John Wayne, almost everything they see and hear about America has something to do with guns.  What do you mean no gun?   They don’t just do what we asked, they always want to know why? Some things are not that easy to explain".

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