Tintin, Capt. Haddock and Milou Look So Worried

We usually ignore rectangular erasers wrapped in paper printed with some wannabe random image. Except when in comes to Tintin. The images of Capt. Haddock, Tintin and Milou make these Tintin erasers more interesting than your average generic eraser.

We did make an attempt to find from which of the 22 Tintin titles that the images on the erasers came from, but we gave up when we realized we would need to search some 1364 pages containing over 16000 separate panels.

It is interesting to us that the images picked for the Tintin erasers, the characters seemed to be in some sort of peril.. We guess the act or erasing mistakes can be stressful for Tintin, Capt. Haddock and Milou too.

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