One Inch Hand Thown Pots From Breality Designs – Sausalito Ferry Co


One Inch Hand Thown Pots From Breality Designs

If you have ever been the the brick and mortar Sausalito Ferry Co, you will know that it is a store of many tiny things. The front counter is about 20 feet long and holds about 250 6 by 6 inch clear plastic bins full of these tiny things. On the counter, you will find a bin full of the "Worlds Smallest Rubber Duck" to bins containing gashapon toys and bins filled with soft animal figurines.

The front counter is often the first thing people see when they enter the store. Some people delight immediately in this sea of color, shapes and textures of all the thousands of tiny things. Others stop in their tracks and stare, puzzled. They ask,"What is all this stuff for? What do people do with this? Do they collect it or what?". Our stock reply is,"Yes, people collect these things, or use them in art, or use them for geocaching". Or sometimes we say,"Do not think too hard about the stuff in this store. It is only going to make your head hurt, and you still will not be any less confused". Most people get it then.

When you walk into a art gallery, you know what to expect. When you walk into a candy store, you know what to expect. When you walk into Sausalito Ferry Co, and are confronted with the World's Smallest Duck or the World's Smallest Baby, your expectations are confounded and confused. There is no familiar context to help explain what you are seeing.

We always have wondered how the tiny things get used.

Breality Designs has her wares of Etsy, uses some of the tiny animals from the front counter to give scale to her tiny hand thrown ceramic pots.

By changing the scale of common objects to a uncommon size, suddenly they become remarkable. Normal size hand thrown clay pots. Everywhere. One inch hand thrown pots. Not so easy to find. A gift of a Breality one inch pot containing a flower is intimate and long lasting in a way a full size pot full of flowers can not be.

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