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Two Lion, Three Tiger and Six Football Japanese Erasers

For October 2011 we will have lion and tiger (oh my!) Japanese erasers and American football Japanese erasers. Of the group, we like the lions the best.

The football Japanese erasers solve a long standing complaint that we only had football soccer ball Japanese erasers and not American football erasers. Now we have both.

The images of the lion, tiger and football erasers are from Iwako wholesale catalog sheets. On these pages, besides pictures of the new Japanese erasers, is useful information to retailers. Iwako is calling the lion tiger Japanese eraser assortment, Safari Set. The release date is September of 2011. We will have them on sometime in October.

On the right side of the catalog you get pricing information. Individual Japanese erasers cost 50 yen each. The tiger and lion Japanese erasers are packed 60 assorted Japanese erasers per box and those boxes cost 3000 yen each. Within the 60 piece box there are 15 each of the two colors of the lion Japanese erasers and 10 each of the three colors of the tiger Japanese erasers.

Each master shipping carton contains 20 of the 60 piece boxes and costs 63,000 yen. That is 1200 erasers.

We offer the 2011 Iwako wholesale Japanese eraser catalog at but it will not include these new Japanese erasers.

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