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A Few Monkey Japanese Erasers To Be Had In September.....

Two more pages from the Iwako factory catalog showing the new and not so new releases for the fall of 2011. Iwako Japan is offering  "Forest Fellows" and "Bugs World" Japanese eraser sets. We will have these Japanese eraser sets in September sometime.

The "Forrest Fellows" poise a problem for us. At least until November, when we will have six colors of the monkey Japanese erasers. We know the monkey Japanese erasers are going to be popular as many new Japanese eraser releases often are. The koala Japanese erasers and the unicorn Japanese erasers have been available since last winter. Those of you who collect the Japanese erasers, will most likely have those two styles of Japanese erasers in your collection already.

Each sixty piece Japanese eraser master box contains only thirty monkeys. And thirty unicorn and panda Japanese erasers. Our customers (you), are going to buy the monkey Japanese erasers, not the koala and unicorn Japanese erasers, leaving us with unsold erasers that add to current inventory.

We will have only a couple of boxes or sixty monkey Japanese erasers in September, to avoid adding too much excess panda and koala erasers to existing inventories.

If you want monkey Japanese erasers in September, go to the "Fall 2011 Releases", click the "Notify Me" button in the lower right hand corner of the box of the monkey Japanese eraser you want and enter your email address. The moment we get the monkey Japanese erasers, you will receive an email notifying you that we have them.

After the initial "Forrest Fellow" sets are sold out of their monkey Japanese erasers, we will not have monkey Japanese erasers available until when all six colors become available in November.

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