True Bacon Affectionados Eat Bacon Frosting Straight Out Of The Tube. – Sausalito Ferry Co


True Bacon Affectionados Eat Bacon Frosting Straight Out Of The Tube.

In the brick and mortar, Sausalito Ferry Co, we hear customers often say, "What is the point of this", or "What do you use this for".  When we are on the search for goodies for our store, this in one of the criteria we use to judge levels of ridiculousness. Practical is not one of our strengths. At least at retail.

Over the last couple of years we have seen some pretty arbitrary trends that materialize out of the popular culture firmament such as mustaches, zombies, hedgehogs and of course, all things bacon.

For the bacon meme we first saw t shirts, "either you like bacon or you are wrong". Soon followed all sorts of scented bacon inedibles. Scented car fresheners, bacon scented stickers, bacon scented erasers. (The bacon scented erasers were square shaped and white in color. Really odd).

Edibles came next. First, strawberry flavored?!! gummy bacon. Then our suppliers found their flavoring cojones. Bacon flavored candy, bacon flavored bubble gum,bacon flavored toothpicks,bacon flavored dental floss, bacon flavored toothpaste and wait for it, bacon flavored decorating frosting.

We are not sure how well bacon flavored frosting would go on a cake, unless the whole cake was made of bacon. A real bacon stud would eat the bacon frosting straight from the tube.

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