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Not All Eraser Fame Is Reserved For Japanese Erasers

Here at we seem to have a thing for the very small things. For example, we offer the World's Smallest Rubber Duck at only a 1/4 of an inch long. We have a collection of the World's Smallest Zombies. As for our vast selection of Japanese erasers, well, they are all pretty much the same size, so they do not really qualify for the World's Smallest category.

Usurping some of the spotlight from the Japanese erasers, we present you with the World's Smallest Animal Erasers. Each of the six animals are about 3/4 of and inch long. They come in a plastic tree container. Pictured is the green, but they also come in blue and pink, if the green foliage is not to your liking.

We usually are very careful about making sure you receive the exact eraser that is pictured, but with the World's Smallest Animal Erasers, each tree container in our inventory has a different assortment of colors of the animal erasers. If you order, you will probably receive a different color selection than is pictured on

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