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The Animal, Fish, Vegetable And Fruit Sonny Angels

We once again have Sonny Angel up on We had removed it from the site, as we had sold through the inventory and believed that we would not be able to get more.

We were mistaken. We have them back.

Sonny Angel is a series on mini figures from a Japanese company based loosely on the American designed Kewpie doll. We have stock of the Sonny Angel Fruit Series,  Sonny Angel Marine Series,  Sonny Angel Vegetable Series and Sonny Angel Animal Series 1.5, 2 and 3.

When we receive the Sonny Angel mini figures, they are blind boxed. Blind boxed means that all the dolls come in indentical sealed boxes and when you purchase one, you have no idea which one you will get.

You can avoid the blind boxing on We have opened the blind boxes and list the Sonny Angels by style.

Pictured are Sonny Angel Animal Series 3.

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