Why Getting A New Shipment Of Japanese Erasers Can Be Like Christmas Morning

Receiving a new order of Japanese erasers from Dream Zensinsyoji can be always full of surprises. Just like Christmas morning.

The Dolphin Pair from Dream Zensinsyoji have always had red or yellow flowers on the mother dolphin Japanese erasers.

Until yesterday.

When we opened the 60 piece master box, the yellow flower had changed to orange flower. For most people who buy Japanese erasers, this has the significance of 1% versus 2% fat milk.

Except for the hard core collectors. It is for them that we pay attention carefully to all the color variations we see from both Dream Zensinsyoji and Iwako. Dream Zensinsyoji changes up colors frequently, Iwako, only once in a while.

We suspect that the orange flower dolphin pair will replace the yellow flower dolphin pair, but for now we have stock of all three colors.

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