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Green Grenade Erasers Are Not Cute

We try not to overuse the word "cute" in our posts about erasers, Japanese and otherwise. Iwako and Dream Zensinsyoji, the two makers of Japanese erasers, have some 800 plus different styles of the Japanese erasers, and of all those, the only Japanese erasers that they make that might not be considered "cute", is the gun Japanese erasers that Iwako makes in two colors. Perhaps the motorcycle erasers are not all that cute, but they do come in pastel colors. How can you not go aww over a pastel pink motorcycle. Even with the boy Japanese erasers, Iwako can not resist splashing pastel colors all over them. When was the last time you saw a lavender 747 on the runway.

The cuteness of the design of the Japanese erasers tends to skew to feminine collector. Other than the gun and maybe the motorcycle Japanese erasers, we have a few more masculine erasers. We just posted a muscular looking black 4 1/2 inch long bull eraser in the 1 to 40 section of If you like a purple tyrannosaurus rex eraser, we have on about the same size there too. And of course, a green grenade eraser.

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